With almost two decades of work experience, LF STAD is one of the cleaning companies that has managed to leave a mark in this industry by exceeding it’s customer’s needs and expectations. We do what is needed to keep your space clean, giving you extra time to live life and do what you love.

With great pleasure and professionalism we maintain and clean residential buildings, private houses, industrial and commercial facilities, educational centers, and we offer our fast and safe relocation services.
The place where you live and work is your life, we care for its cleanliness!
We only use the latest eco friendly products and internationally licensed equipment, with a professional and trusted service team, We at LF STAD are fully committed to meeting their customer’s needs.
We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers and will do everything we can to create a positive and organized experience for them

Created with a clear vision towards the future, LF Stad continues to preserve the tradition.


To improve our customer’s wellbeing.
Cleaning with the highest international standards.
Professional work and a team motivated to succeed.
Building a long term relationship with our customers.
Take the art of cleaning to another level.

We believe in the work we do combined with our customer’s satisfaction we are motivated to continue working with high dedication and responsibility.


Our vision is for LF STAD to have an international expansion, trusting that we are pushing a eco friendly cleaning process and developing a passion for a job that keeps your space clean.

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