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Who doesn’t like the feeling of a clean home? Constant cleaning not only keeps your home organized but being

The environment we work in is where we spend most of our time, this and many other reasons make it necessary

A clean home means happiness, find that same level of cleanliness in your building’s shared spaces.

Construction can bring a mess, we offer cleaning during and after construction work on sites. Weather it is a small renovation or even after the completion of large apartment building so that people arrive to a clean new home.

Cleaning an area that is used for manufacturing or producing something is a rigid process that takes a lot of work. Cleaning of a factory ensures that all surfaces are clean and avoids the transfer of bacteria from an impure surface to a clean work equipment

Shopping centers are frequently used areas that not only need cleaning for health reasons, but also the presentaiton of products is dependent on the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

Cleaning schools is essential and vital! Facilities that have a large number of people using the area daily will be more prone to the spread of bacteria, especially kids. Lets give students and teachers a clean environment to learn and teach in!

Keeping a yard clean is something that has to be done constantly, LF Stad is here to help you tackle this task.

Make sure you have a clean vision of the world outside by maintaining clean windows.

When moving to a new home or office leave the transportation of your goods to us. We will make sure to handle everything with the highest care possible.

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